Thursday, March 17, 2011

Core Values Pt I

Last week I wrote about the relationship between brands and core values, since then I've been wondering what my core values are / what I'd like them to be. I invested a lot of time this week into putting together a working draft. I'll explain the steps I took in a follow up post and also plan to talk about the impact that adopting the core values has had.

My Core Values

CoreValues Style 1. Know Your Style
Know your likes, dislikes and understand where they come from. Use your imagination to figure out how you can make things even better. Creatively apply your style in everything you do.
CoreValues SIO 2. Switch it on (Be Present)
Set aside time to be in the moment rather than being lost in your head. Cultivate the skill of noticing what's interesting about the things you see everyday. Your home, street, food, everyday experiences, and especially the people you know. Pay attention to all of your senses.
CoreValues DriveChange 3. Embrace and Drive Change
Aim to try something different, break out of your routine, look for opportunities to change and challenge conventional thinking in the face of change. Make friends with that nervous feeling you get when you're about to take the road less traveled. Don't be reckless, but don't succumb to irrational fear either.
CoreValues MAD 4. Make A Difference
Put people ahead of money. Be generous. When you're building something new or evaluating an idea, put people first. Who will the idea benefit? How will they use it? What might they want? How can you take the solution beyond normal expectations. Changing someone's perspective, even for a moment can make a difference.
CoreValues Communicate 5. Exquisite Communication
Listen more than you speak, ask engaging questions and when you present, put in the effort necessary to engage the audience and increase their level of understanding.
CoreValues Learning 6. Pursue Growth and Learning
Be open to the idea that you should never stop learning. Set aside daily time specifically to increase knowledge. Actively seek out ways to apply and share what you've learned.
CoreValues ShipIt 7. Ship It
Know in advance what needs to be in place to deliver your product and be clear on the delivery date. Plan your work in a way that ensures you can ship. e.g. Brainstorm early (rather than late). Aim to ship great products and know that great is not the same as perfect.
CoreValues MoveForward 8. Move Forward Now
Always be in the state of progressing. Ask yourself what you're able to achieve with what you already have. Recognize procrastination, and avoid it. Favour moving forward and filling deficiencies as you go rather than stalling based on gaps you assume must be filled first
CoreValues DeliverBeyond 9. Deliver "Beyond"
Exercise your capability, go far beyond what's expected. 

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