Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marie-Hélène & Mark

Last week I attended the wedding of some friends in Montréal. The church ceremony and the reception were inspiring. On the day Mark and Marie-Hélène made everything seem so effortless. It all came together with grace, beauty and a sense of genuine affection between the two of them and all the guests. I was privileged to have had the chance to capture some moments from the special day :-)

Hope you enjoy the slideshow

Serving Suggestions: Watch fullscreen with speakers switched on.


Marie-Hélène Baillargeon said...

WOW!!! So beautiful!!! Thanks again!!! I cant stop watching it!!! :)

Véronique said...

I've watched it many times and I still enjoy it each time! You guys are amazing together. Raj, yay for your patience in your art.

Lorna Nagamoottoo-Casse said...

Congrats Marie and Mark! You guys looked amazing.:-)
So sad we couldn't be there.