Sunday, December 11, 2011

Switch It On! - Jonathan Ives

I came across this video of Jonathan Ives (Lead industrial designer at Apple) earlier today as I searched for people who were amazing user experience designers.

Designing things is an obsessive process, and I find that you can often isolate yourself for hours, or even weeks thinking about something in a trance. This can be productive, but the success of any idea is how well it works in "reality" and the only way to learn about the real world is to get out of your head, and be present in it. That way, when you go into your trance, you're working with better assumptions. I think Jonathan sends this message really well and I hope this video will inspire someone to "Switch it on" as much as it inspired me this morning:

Objectified - Jonathan Ives from Elthé on Vimeo.

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